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We Are Committed To You

Rest assured that Saar manually cross-checks the record and identity of all renters and owners to ensure a safe and trusting community. We encourage active communication between renter and lister, so feel free to ask questions or check in regularly. Our friendly customer service team is also available in case you need any help or have questions about the service.

Benefits of Sharing Your Car
Rather than let your car depreciate, share it with your community and earn some extra cash.
You can earn enough monthly income to pay for the average cost of owning it, and even more.
Sharing your car in the Saar marketplace is free and easy to use.

Benefits of Renting With Saar

Exotic, unique, and cool. Cars of all styles are available to choose from, shared by a community of amazing people in your community.

Absolutely no membership fees.

Insurance coverage plans are offered for each rental.

The process is easy and straightforward. Here’s how it works:
If You’re Listing A Car…
Tell Us More

Listing is quick, easy and free! Set up your profile by telling us a little about yourself and your car. Upload some great pictures of your awesome car, update your calendar, state your availability and trip preferences, then get ready to earn some cash.

Respond Promptly

You’ll start receiving notifications of requests from renters, so make sure you’re available to confirm or decline promptly. You can privately message the renter for questions, concerns, or information.


Always keep your car ready, clean, and filled with gas so you can accommodate even at the last minute.

Meet The Renter

Make the necessary arrangements with the renter regarding time and place. Be friendly and welcoming as you also request their driver’s license, inspect the car, and upload pics of the condition, fuel and mileage. Send them off with well wishes and get ready to clock in the money.

Welcome Back

Meet your renter with a smile and make sure everything is as it should be. Accept the keys, maybe high-five them, and don’t forget to give an honest rating and review.

If You’re Renting A Car…
Sign Up

Once you’ve signed up by providing some simple information like your driver’s license info, we will verify your eligibility so you can start renting.


Enter your search requirements like date and location to pull up the cars in your local vicinity. You can filter the selection further if you have specific requirements.

Book and Confirm

After choosing the car you want to drive, simply book it and wait for the owner to confirm or decline your request. The owner will respond within a few short hours.

Meet Your Car and Owner

When it’s time to start your trip, pick up the car by meeting the owner at a designated meeting place. You will need to show your driver’s license, and upon check-in be sure to inspect the vehicle and upload photos of the car’s condition before you start your awesome journey.

Your Adventure

Let your new adventure unfold in the car of your dreams, while you enjoy and revel in the amazing new memories. Make sure you do this responsibily, though.

Bring It Home

The trip is over and you’ve enjoyed every bit of it. Inspect the vehicle once more, fill it up with gas, clean it up, and show your gratitude before bidding farewell. Don’t forget to rate and review your experience in the car so that fellow renters can be well informed.